What is Eternum?

To know what Eternum is, first you need to know what IPFS is. Roughly, IPFS is a global, peer to peer network where you can host content and webpages. People who access content can then share it again, but that means that only content that exists on some node can be shared.

Eternum can make sure that content is always available on at least one node. Just pin an object, and Eternum will always keep it available to IPFS.

How do I pin things?

To pin an object, you need some balance in your account, and the hash of the thing. Then, just go to your account page and click "New pin". Enter the hash and (optionally) a friendly name to recognize the object by, and that's it.

How much does it cost?

Pinning costs $0.00000000001 per byte per day, or roughly $0.30 per gigabyte per month, depending on the number of days in that month. You are billed per day for the amount of data you used for that day.

How can I contact you?

You can just email us at [email protected]. We might even reply!

What if I want to pin some illegal stuff?

Don't even think about it. We fully comply with the DMCA and other laws, and will turn you in if you try anything shady. Other than that, go nuts.