API documentation

Is there an API?

Of course there is an API, why would there be an API documentation page if there weren't an API?

The API allows you to manage your pins, including allowing you to create new ones and delete the ones that are there. You can access the API documentation at /api/docs/, as well as the API browser at /api/.

The API documentation is pretty clear about things, but there are a few details that it doesn't tell you. This is what we'll expand on here.


Authentication is done in two ways, one for testing and one for actual production clients. The testing way is done simply by adding your API key to the URL as a query string parameter:


For production, this is not recommended, as this might change at any moment. Instead, what you need to do is add an Authorization header with your API key, like so:

Authorization: Token somekey

Then you will be able to access the entire API as a user.


In the interests of usability, unlike the website, the API won't let you pin anything if your balance is below $0.10. If you'd like to pin objects, please top up your balance.

Eternum includes an easy way to allow people to pin files, even if they don't have an account.

Just link users to: